The Single Life: Resources for the Single Christian Woman

I’m going to take a break from the study on becoming a godly woman this week. Mainly because I didn’t do my homework. Between my own attitude (more on that tomorrow) and taking care of everyone else, I didn’t do the research I was planning to do for today’s post which would have been on the example of Mary {Jesus’s mother} as a single woman.

Instead I want to share some resources for single Christian women that I find encouraging. Some of the sites I am going to share are for single men and women, some for just women, and some for everybody whether married or single. The sites that I am sharing that are for everybody do frequently write articles for single Christians.

1) SingleRoots

SingleRoots is a great resource for single Christian men and women. They post about everything from work to faith to dating and relationships from a Christian perspective. The editors of SingleRoots want to create a community of trying to figure out the single life together. They have a wonderful resources page which includes a list of single Christian bloggers.

2) Triple-Braided Life

Triple-Braided Life is written by Brenda H. Rodgers. Brenda is married, but she has a heart for single women. She calls herself a “recovering single.” She doesn’t believe that singleness is something to recover from, but she says that she believed the lies that Satan told her about being single and that is what she is still recovering from.

3) Revive Our Hearts

Revive Our Hearts is a wonderful resource for all women, but unlike many other Christian women’s ministries that speak to primarily married women, Revive Our Hearts has a lot of resources for single women as well. Their blog Lies Young Women Believe is mainly directed at teen women, but many of the truths that they share are needed by single women of all ages.

4) Single Matters

Single Matters is another great site for single men and women that addresses many of the issues that single men and women face.

5) Relevant Magazine

Relevant Magazine is exactly what the name says. It is relevant. They say that they are a magazine on faith, culture and intentional living. While they are not just for singles, they have some fantastic articles for the part of the audience who are single. Their latest article for singles is 4 Lies Single People Need to Stop Believing, and it is a must read. I know that I have believed these lies myself at various points in my life as a single.

6) Boundless

Boundless is Focus on the Family’s community for Christian young adults. While most of the time their articles and posts are for a younger demographic than I am, I do occasionally come across an article that I can really relate to, but they focus a lot more on dating and preparing for marriage than I read about lately.

What are some of your favorite resources for single living?



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