Ways to Love the People of Ferguson

I have gone back and forth all week long about writing this post. There are a lot of people with a lot of opinions on what is happening in Ferguson, and I have my own opinions on it. But when I decided to write this post I decided that giving my thoughts and opinions on what is happening isn’t important. It isn’t important because the city of Ferguson doesn’t need more thoughts and opinions about what is happening.

The city of Ferguson needs us to love them. They are feeling a lot of hurt and anger and instead of people stirring that up they need people to come alongside them. I know that many of the protesters believe that they are doing that, but there are many people who are taking advantage of the protests too.

So what can you do for the people of Ferguson to show them that you love them and support them?

1) Pray for them

Here are some specific things I am praying for:

 a) The Brown Family

I am praying that the Brown family find peace and healing over the death of their           son. I am also praying that they can eventually find forgiveness for Officer Wilson.

b) Officer Wilson

I am praying that Officer Wilson also finds peace and healing both physically and            emotionally. I’m praying that he and his family have a hedge of safety around them.        Their lives have been turned upside down and I pray that they find the strength to          endure.

c) For all the people of Ferguson

I am praying for peace and forgiveness. I am praying that a bridge can be built               between the people and law enforcement. I am praying that those who are not able       to work because of the looting and vandalism can soon return to work. I am also             praying that justice be done and that whatever happens people are able to accept it       and move on.

2) Find a church or an organization who is helping with clean-up of the businesses and go help. If you feel the need to go to Ferguson, go with idea of finding a way to help, not just protest.

3) Find an organization in Ferguson to donate too. Organizations like the YMCA, the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs, the North Campus, and many others are working to improve the lives of the people in and around St. Louis. Give and help them make a difference.

4) Donate to a food pantry in Ferguson. The first day of school was postponed until Monday, and many children depend on the breakfasts and lunches that the school provides.

It’s not a long list. I’m sure that you can think of other ways to show the city of Ferguson that you care, and that’s what is important. We need to let them know that they are loved and are being heard.

We don’t have all the facts yet when it comes to the death of Michael Brown. New information from the investigation comes to light every single day.

But instead of taking sides in this matter let’s come together. Let’s put aside our differences and use this as a springboard to make this world and especially this community a better place.

Outrage and anger aren’t going to make the difference. Love is.

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  1. The whole case saddens me.

    I am glad you mentioned prayer as the #1 thing we can do.

    I am praying the same as you.

    Where 2 or 3 are gathered together in His name He is there.

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