Here I sit
Day after day
Longing for
My world to change

Praying, hoping,
And wishing away
Yet another day

Never moving
Never seeing
Always longing
Always hoping
Never doing

Waiting for something
Putting it off
Bound by chains
I cannot see

What are these shackles holding me?

Fear and pride,
Sin and shame,
And ignorance
Are a few of the things
That I can name

Blind to how
The Lord is blessing me
Blind to who
He wants me to be

Scared to make
One wrong move
Scared to be
Who He created me to be

Bound by chains
I cannot see
Bound by chains
And yet I hold the key

I hold the key
To what keeps me bound
I hold the key
That can set me free

One small choice
Is all it takes
One small choice
Will set me free
From the sin and shame
That covers me

The choice is mine
It’s up to me
I can stay bound
Or be set free

One small choice
Is all it takes
One small choice
To change my life
It’s a choice
To live or die

I can sit here
Bound by sin
Or I can give
My life to Him

“Take it, Jesus”
I now plead.
“Take these chains
That are binding me
Because only You
Can truly set me free.”

4 Replies to “Bound”

  1. blessingcounterdeb says: Reply

    Absolutely beautiful Misty! Ones we can each apply to our lives. Blessings!

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful poem, Misty!

    1. Thank you, Ronja!

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