Happy Birthday to Me!

Okay, so my birthday is not actually until tomorrow, but I don’t plan on posting tomorrow or being anywhere near my computer tomorrow.

Today we are going to celebrate…”How?” you ask.

By giving.

Oh, not to me. I don’t want you to give anything to me.

I want you to bless others for me. One of my greatest longings this year has been to give. There have been so many wants and needs in the last year, but because I’m not getting paid for the work I do right now I have no money to give so will you give for me?

Here are some places that I would love to donate to if I could:

The Mercy House Kenya

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The Mercy House in Kenya provides housing for pregnant girls who are living in streets of Kenya. They provide more than just housing. The girls receive education, healthcare, counseling, and job skills. It was started during the summer of 2010 by Kristen Welch (We are THAT Family) and Maureen Owino.

Sole Hope


Sole Hope is an organization that is working to put closed toed shoes on African children to protect their feet from jiggers. Jiggers are a sand flea in found in Sub Saharan climates. They burrow into the feet and lay an eggs and as the eggs multiply they damage the soft tissue in the feet which can lead to wounds that are prone to infection and disease.

Child Rescue


Child Rescue was introduced to me by a close friend of my father. Child Rescue’s mission is to provide refuge and shelter for children who are coming from poverty or who have been abandoned or orphaned. They have opened the home Casa de Mi Padre in Guatamala, and it is the place that I’m praying about visiting come March.

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  1. That’s very noble of you! Have a blessed birthday. May you have an abundant year ahead.

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