The Single Life: The Greatest Joy of Being Single

The greatest joy that I find in being single is my relationship with the Lord. It is the most important part of my life although I will admit that I don’t always act like it, and there are elements of my faith that have grown in a much different way than they would have if I was married. I’m not saying that it is better. It is just different.

1) My focus on Him

My focus on Christ is different because I am single, and the main reason that it is different is because I have more uninterrupted time to spend with Him. I can get up in the morning, make me a cup of tea, grab my Bible, put on some praise & worship music, and spend time worshipping Him by singing, dancing, prayer, and reading the Word without worrying about the children getting up early or a husband needing something. Because of this uninterrupted time with Him, my focus on Him is different than it would be if I were married. I can be singularly focused on Him.

2) My dependence on the Lord

My dependence on the Lord is also a lot different because I am single. In many ways I have to be dependent on the Lord for things that He supplies married women with through their husbands. He is who I first turn to for emotional support. He is my sole protector and defender. I’m also dependent on Him monetarily in way I wouldn’t be if I was married. He supplies me with different people at different times to fill the different needs that I have. Since I don’t have a husband whose shoulder I can cry on He supplies a friend or a family member.

3) My ability to serve Him

The ways that I am called to serve the Lord are also different than the ways I would serve Him if I was married. If I was married, my first and most important ministry would be to my husband and children. I might still have ministries outside my family, but they would be my top priority. As a single woman though, most of my ministry has been outside of my home and family. I have been able to serve others in outreach situations that I wouldn’t have been able to do if I were married.

My relationship with the Lord is the greatest joy that I have in being single. It is not better because I am single. It is just different than it would be if I were married. I am able to be singularly focused on my relationship with Him. I am dependent on Him for things that I would depend on a husband for if I had one, and I can serve Him in different ways than I could if I were married.

What is your greatest joy in being single?


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3 Replies to “The Single Life: The Greatest Joy of Being Single”

  1. I can only agree with these 3. Thanks again for another fun link up. 🙂

    1. You’re welcome, Lux!

  2. I’ve been married for almost 25 years but never dated but a handful of guys. The one thing I did do was set some standards and then just served the Lord. I did all that I could to just be faithful with my service. Love that you are doing the same. The right guy is totally worth the wait.


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