Letting Go of Anxiety & Letting God Give You Peace

Note: This post is not for people who suffer from any type of anxiety disorder. If you believe that you have an anxiety disorder, please seek medical help.

Nothing gives me more anxiety than job interviews. I become so anxious that even if I am the best person for the job you would never know it during the interview. I become worried about saying or doing the wrong thing, and I have trouble relaxing and being myself.

But everybody gets a little anxious from time to time.

Job interviews

First day of a new job

First date

Bungee jumping

Wedding day

New baby


Speaking in front of a group

You name an activity, and I bet that there is someone who gets nervous and anxious about it.

When you become anxious about something, you are worrying about the “what-ifs.”

What if I don’t get the job?

What if I’m a horrible wife?

What if the bungee cord breaks?

What if I trip and fall while I’m on stage?

What if…?

When you are anxious, you are refusing to trust God, and trust is a key component to faith. Anxiety is akin to fear. (Yes, I said, “akin.”)

But when you let go of the anxiety, you let God give you peace. And the peace that God gives you is different.

When you are at peace, you are calmer which allows you to handle things better. When you are at peace, you are more focused and purposeful.

One of the things that I like to do when I feel anxious is to read or quote Scripture.

Here are a some of my favorite verses for when I am feeling anxious:

Psalm 28:7
Psalm 31:14
Psalm 33:21
Psalm 37:3
Psalm 37:5
Psalm 37:7
Psalm 56:4
Psalm 71:5
Psalm 143.8
Proverbs 3:5
Proverbs 16:20
Isaiah 26:4
Isaiah 35:4
Jeremiah 17:7
Matthew 6:25
Matthew 6:27
Matthew 6:33-34
Philippians 4:13

For a printable version of the verses, click here.


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