Letting Go of Comparison…Letting God Define You

“I want to be her. She has everything.”

“She has the perfect life, a successful business, a wonderful husband, and her children are always so well behaved. I would give anything to have her life.”

“She’s the perfect mom. She works full-time and yet she always has time to keep her house so clean you can eat off of the floor. She takes her children on special trips on the weekends. She bakes cookies and cupcakes for school parties. I don’t know how she does it all. I’m lucky if my kids get supper every night.”

“Every time I see her she has a new boyfriend. I don’t know how she does it. I can’t get even one guy interested in me, but she always has men flocking around her.”

We mock. We tease. We make fun of…Why? Because we compare.

We compare other lives to our lives. From the way we dress to what’s for supper to how we raise our kids, we compare. It’s natural. It’s easy.

It’s destructive.

Comparison is destructive. It tears things down. It doesn’t edify. It doesn’t encourage.

Comparison damages. It damages us. It damages our relationships with other people.

Comparison steals. It steals our joy. It steals our love for others. It steals our love for ourselves.

We need to stop. We need to let go of the comparisons.

When we compare, somebody always comes out the loser. There is always a winner and a loser. Usually we make ourselves the loser. The other person always has something we like better than what we have. Or their life looks perfect compared to ours.

When we compare ourselves, we usually end up comparing our worst to someone else’s best.

Or we compare our best to someone else’s worst. When we compare our best to someone else’s worst, we mock. We come across as arrogant. We tear them down. We are overly critical.

When we compare, we seek to define ourselves by the world’s standards.

In order to be the perfect daughter, we have to do this…this…this…and this.

In order to be the perfect single, we have to go to the bars, party every night, and date every man we meet.

In order to be the perfect wife, we have to have dinner ready every night at 6 pm, look pretty all the time, and never argue with our husbands.

In order to be the perfect mom, we have to make cute little sandwiches for their lunches, buy them the cutest clothes and the best toys, and throw them the most fabulous birthday parties.

But what if we stopped comparing ourselves and trying to define ourselves by the standards of the world?

What if instead we start letting the Lord define us?

When we let go of comparing and begin to let the Lord define us, then we can become who the Lord designed us to be. We can choose our path based on the Lord’s leading. We can choose it on based on the abilities that He gave to us, the spiritual gifts that we have,

As we continue to grow in the Lord and become more of who He designed us to be, we experience freedom. We have freedom from comparison. We have freedom to be, to do, to love, and to serve.

Letting God define us gives us roots and wings. It gives us purpose and makes the impossible possible.

Let go of comparison and the world’s definition of who you are. Let God define you instead.

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