Letting Go of Control & Letting God Lead

I am not a control freak, but I live with 2 of them. I love my mom and my grandmother, but they like to be the ones in charge.

Grandma has become a lot more easygoing, but when I was younger, we were famous in my family for our fights. It seemed like every time we were in the same room together we were in a fight because she felt the need to tell me how to do everything from getting dressed to making mashed potatoes to finding jobs to finding a husband. You name it and she would tell me how I was doing it all wrong and how I needed to be doing it. I would fight back because I didn’t like being told how to do something when the way that I was already doing it worked.

My mom likes to be in charge, but she is a little more easygoing when it comes to telling people how to do things. You know her tendency to want to control things because she has a tendency to just step in and take over.

And they are not the only people I know who believe that they can control everything.

But the truth is: We cannot control everything.

God puts certain things into our hands that we can control—ourselves and our environments. Outside of those 2 things we really have very little control over anything.

Now some control is good. We need to learn to control ourselves. The Bible speaks a lot about self-control and being intentional and making plans helps us live our lives with purpose.

But we need to learn to let go of the things that we can’t control.

We need to learn to let go and let God lead us to where He would have us to go.

Something amazing happens when we let God lead us instead of fighting Him for control. Suddenly we are thinking and doing things we never believed possible. Our lives start changing. We start experiencing more joy and happiness, and we don’t sweat the small stuff. (Well, at least not to the degree that we used to.)

When we let go of the need to control everything and learn to follow God’s leading, we learn to depend on God in new and exciting ways. God turns our messes into messages and our tests into testimonies. And the things that seem to hurt at first are turned into blessings.

So trust God and let Him lead. You won’t regret it.

5 Replies to “Letting Go of Control & Letting God Lead”

  1. Letting go and letting God…one of the hardest parts of this journey I think.

  2. Thank you for this beautiful post! I am such a control freak and struggle so much with this. You’re exactly right, life gets so good when you are trusting Him and not sweating the small stuff. Not an easy thing, but so important!

    1. You’re welcome!

  3. This control thing rings true in my life- thanks for addressing it and thanks for sharing this link Alecia.:)

  4. Thank you. Tara

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