Letting Go of Depression & Letting God Fill You With Joy

I’m reluctant to talk about this subject. It is a topic that has been approached in a myriad of different ways in the last few months, and it is a topic that deserves time and attention. But before I get started I want to note:

If you suffer from any form of clinical depression, seek professional help through your doctor or professional counselor. I am not a professional counselor or a doctor so any advice I give is from my personal experience with depression and not from professional training.

Depression is a serious topic, and it is not to be taken lightly. Clinical depression needs treatment, but not every case of depression is clinical. There are many people who are able to overcome depression on their own without any medical help or professional counseling.

Depression is not something that can simply be let go of. There are many causes of depression, and many things make people vulnerable to depression. There is one thing that I am certain about when it comes to depression though, and this is it:

Depression is not a sin.

Depression is not a sin. It does not indicate weak faith, and it can happen to anyone.

When I talk about letting go of depression, I’m not saying that you will ever experience healing from depression. I’m talking about learning to find joy even in the midst of depression.

I believe that it is possible. The Old Testament is filled with men and women who suffered from depression at some point in their life. David, Solomon, and Jeremiah are just three. And yet even in their lowest points they found joy and the ability to praise the Lord so yes, I believe that joy is possible even in the midst of depression.

Letting go of depression is about trying to see past those feelings of sadness and melancholy in order to find the truth, to find what is real. Depression has a way of confusing reality, a way of twisting it until we no longer know the truth.

There are many different ways to deal with depression. Some people face it head on and work through it with just support from their friends and family. Many people seek professional treatments though such as counseling or medication.

I personally went through several months of counseling a couple of years ago, but it wasn’t the first time that I fought with depression. It was just the first time I sought help, and it did help. I wasn’t put on medication but was instead given a greater understanding of myself and what triggers my depression. For me, understanding what triggers my depression has helped me develop tools to both prevent episodes of depression and to fight the depression when I do slide into it.

But counseling doesn’t work for everyone, and there are great alternatives out there from natural remedies to medicine based on what you need.

If you struggle with depression, I urge you not to go it alone. Reach out. Find help.

When you are ready to let go of the depression, then God is standing by to bless you and give you the gift of joy.

5 Replies to “Letting Go of Depression & Letting God Fill You With Joy”

  1. I am writing a book about depression. Your post gets at some of my main points, and it’s encouraging to hear them from someone else.

  2. Also, I would love your input on my recent depression series if you have time.

    1. Hi, Kari! I will make time to read them.

  3. It’s so nice to see another Christian address this. I suffered a really horrible bout of clinical depression a few months ago but didn’t want to have to deal with the harsh medications so I started taking Sam-E instead. Things have gotten a lot better but it’s still a struggle every day. Hope you’re doing well too now!

    1. I’m doing great, and I’m glad that taking Sam-E is working for you. I don’t blame you for not wanting to take harsh medications. I know some people who swear that medication is the only way that they are able to overcome their depression, but since I also know that the medications prescribed for depression can have the opposite effect and make depression worse, I have always adopted a more natural approach and the use of counseling.

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