Letting Go of Sin & Letting God Forgive You

Before we get into the post, I want to say that I believe that no matter how hard we try that we will continue to sin until either we die or until Jesus returns so this post is not about stopping all sin in our lives but rather about dealing with the sin that is currently in our lives.

We are all sinners, but I know many people who won’t admit that they are. They classify people who murder, steal, rape, abuse drugs, etc as sinners, but they believe that while they might occasionally do wrong they are able to reassure themselves that they are better than that.

On the other hand, I have known people who recognize that they are sinners, but they have a hard time believing that God can and will forgive them. They ask Him over and over again to forgive them for the same things. They think that if only they could find some way to atone for their sin then they can be forgiven.

We all sin. There is really no way that we can deny that, but when we sin, we have a choice we can continue on in that sin or we can let it go.


How do we let it go?

  • Recognize

The first step in letting go of sin is to recognize that we sin and recognizing that we sin is easier when we understand what sin is. Sin is simply wrongdoing specifically wrongdoing against God. If you do something that is wrong, you are sinning. The world we live in though makes it hard to recognize when we are sinning. It tells us that things that are wrong in the eyes of the Lord are not wrong. It contradicts the Word and confuses people. But let me ask you this: Who should declare what is right and wrong? Is it the individual, the government, or the One who created everything?

  • Repent

The second step in letting go of sin is repentance. To repent is to agree with God that what you are doing is wrong and then to confess it and turn your back on it. It is as simple and complex as that. It is refusing to continue down the path that sin is taking you, and it is refusing to give it any power of you anymore. It is so easy to put on paper what repentance is, but it can be really difficult to do. It takes a power that can’t be found in us. It takes a power that can only come from the Lord.


  • Replace

The third step in letting go of sin is to replace that sinful behavior with a beneficial behavior. Now obviously this isn’t going to be a part of letting go of every sin, but if there is a sinful behavior that you do over and over again like gossiping or lying or porn, then you need to replace that behavior with something else. There are so many ways to do this. The first thing I would start with is reading the Bible. When you are consistently in the Word, you might find that your desire to do these things is greatly lessened. Do a Bible study on the specific sin that you are struggling with. Read about the consequences. Write down the consequences that you have already experienced. Memorize Scripture. Exercise. Find a new hobby. Get creative. Ask the Lord and He will give you a way out.

Sin is a destructive force in our lives. It can hold us back and keep us from growing. It can also keep us from walking in God’s will for us so let go of it and let God forgive you.

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