Letting Go of the Past & Letting God Heal You

Everybody has a past. It starts the moment we are conceived and ends the moment we die.

The past is called the past because that time is gone and we have moved on. It is over and done.

Or is it?

The past influences us, and there is no getting around that. It is a part of who we are and who we are becoming. The past can influence us for the good, or it can influence us for the bad. It is up to us which way the past influences us.

Unfortunately, for many people, the past isn’t just the part of who they are. It can become all of who they are. The past hurts, disappointments, and broken hearts have so damaged them that they don’t move on.

They cling to the past and the pain. They don’t heal.

Life moves on around them, but they stay stuck in the same place or the same patterns. They never move forward. They fight the need to change. They refuse to grow.

I have been in that position. When my engagement was broken, it took me a long time to move on. I was so certain that he would see that I was so much better for him than this other woman that I refused to let go and walk away. I clung to him and any type of relationship with him even after our relationship ended. I used the excuse that I just wanted to make sure that he was happy and then I could let go and be happy too. It wasn’t until he actually married her that I was able to let go enough to start the healing process.

Letting go of the past can be one of the most difficult things to let go of, but when we let go and allow the Lord to start the healing process, we can start to grow again.

Letting go of the past means spending a lot of time in prayer. For me, I spent a lot of that prayer time arguing with the Lord. I didn’t understand, and I wanted to know why. But I eventually came to realize that I may not ever know why. I had to accept that.

Acceptance is another part of letting go of the past. Accepting that it can’t be changed. There is no way that it can be undone. Accepting that you may never know why it happened. Accepting that life is messy and we can’t fix everything.

When we let go of the past and let the Lord heal us, that pain we went through starts to become part of our message. It is part of our story, and the Lord can use that message to help someone else who is going through something similar.

Let go of the past and let God heal you. Let Him turn that pain into a message that can touch someone’s life.

2 Replies to “Letting Go of the Past & Letting God Heal You”

  1. Misty, I love this line “When we let go of the past and let the Lord heal us, that pain we went through starts to become part of our message.” When I consider my own past, I’m reminded of His love and faithfulness. There are those moments I’d want to cling to them and let them limit me but He still comes along and whispers into my heart, “it’s over. It’s in the past now”.

    I love this line from Mercy Me’s The Hurt and The Healer: “It’s the moment when humanity is overcome by Majesty; when grace is ushered in for good, AND ALL OUR SCARS ARE UNDERSTOOD…”

    He takes our pain and turns it into gain to benefit us and others in the future.

    God bless you. I’m glad you finally embraced healing.

    1. Thank you, Buife! The Hurt and the Healer is one of my favorite songs.

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