The Gratitude Challenge–Day 17


Gratitude can and will change your perspective on things. Things you once feared doing suddenly be seen as a blessing or an opportunity, something to be excited about rather than fear.

Fear can hold you back. It can keep you from seeing the good in your life. It will keep you focused on what you don’t have or what seems to be missing. It can cause you to cling to what you do have.

But being grateful can change all of that.

When you choose gratitude, you are choosing to change your perspective on the things that you fear. You are refusing to let fear hold you back.

For years, I refused to see that being single is a good thing. I feared that I would never meet someone and get married. I feared that I would never be a mother. I was so focused on what I didn’t have (especially when it seemed that everyone around seemed to be getting what I wanted and thought I needed) that I couldn’t see the good in what I did have.

Once I started becoming grateful for being single, I started realizing the opportunities that I have as a single woman, opportunities to serve that I wouldn’t have if I was married. As my eyes were opened to the things that I have to be grateful about being single, my fear of never meeting someone and never getting married has faded. Being grateful for my singleness changed my perspective on my fear.

What is it that you fear? Trying being grateful.


Face your fears. Make a list of things that you fear. Then choose a small one and then face it. You could do this in a number of ways like making a list of the positives of what it is that you fear or just jumping in with both feet and doing what it is you fear.

Journal Prompt:


What is it that you fear the most? Usually when we fear something it is because of the “what ifs,” the negative what-ifs, but what are some of the positive things that could come when you face this fear? Write them down.

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