The Gratitude Challenge –Day 2


How do you define gratitude? What does it mean to you to be grateful?

I like to do word studies. I like to look up words, learn their meanings, their origins, etc, and as I was online looking up the meanings of the words “gratitude”, “grateful”, “thankful”, and “appreciative” it was brought home to me just how intertwined these words are in the English language. You can’t define one of these words without using one of the others, and in doing so you don’t really define or describe any of them.

When I found this quote by Thomas Merton, I thought it the best definition and description that I have seen of what it means to be grateful and live a life of gratitude.


Do a word study on the word “gratitude”, “grateful”, “thankful” or “appreciative.”

Journal prompt:


What is gratitude? How would define thankfulness or appreciation? Is it simply a feeling or emotion, or is it something more?

If we aren’t grateful to God, then whom do we give our gratitude to?



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