The Gratitude Challenge–Day 3


I didn’t know that when I chose this verse to write about for day 3 that the day I sat down to right it would be so hard and challenging.

My grandmother was in the hospital last week because she fell. She came home on Sunday, and the last 2 days have been nothing but home health people and Grandma being demanding. Today the minute I sat down or went to the bathroom or tried to eat she would start yelling for me. Instead of working back in my office I sat on the couch watching TV because it didn’t matter if that was interrupted. Then the day ends with my mother and I having an argument. It is a familiar argument. It is one that started when I became caregiver as well as granddaughter and involves balancing both roles.

I’m ending this day in tears because I am hurting.

But when I sit and I read the verse above, I am reminded that even the hard days have something to rejoice in.

What can I rejoice in today? One thing is that I now have more knowledge about what equipment I need to purchase to make the home a safer place for Grandma. A second thing is that I saw an old friend at Wal-Mart and we had a nice talk. A third thing is that the people from home health have left me feeling like I’m a good caregiver.

It is important especially on those rough days to look for the good, to try and find something to be grateful for.


It’s been a rough day for me, and one of the things that has always helped me relax after a stressful day is being creative. Whether it is curling up with a couple balls of yarn and my crochet hook or heading to the studio or the kitchen, creating something always makes me feel better. Today make something new. Find that recipe or craft on Pinterest that you have been longing to try. It gives a rough day a good ending and your creativity is something to be grateful for.

Journal prompt:


Think back to the last rough day you had. What made it rough? Now look at the day again. What good happened in that day? I’m sure that if you try hard you can think of something.



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