The Gratitude Challenge–Day 8


Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.

–Henry Van Dyke

How do you express gratitude and appreciation? Or do you?

Many people don’t express it. They have never learned how to express, or they believe that they are entitled to what they have received and therefore they feel no gratitude.

I grew up in a family where acts of service where common, but the appreciation for those acts of service were not always shown.

Even now living with my parents and my grandmother I do many things every day to take care of my grandmother and the house, but I rarely receive appreciation for it.

As children, our parents work to feed us and to clothe us and to keep a roof over our head and give to us many things we want as well as what we need, but we are rarely taught to appreciate it. (I say “rarely” because I know some parents who attempt to teach their children to appreciate things, but I know many more that don’t.)

We take so many things for granted that expressing appreciation and gratitude for them seems kind of weird or silly at first, but that is when we start to open our eyes and see the wonder and the awe in the every day.

As we begin seeing that wonder in the every day, expressing our gratitude becomes easier.

We start looking for things to be grateful for, and as we see things to be grateful for, we start appreciating the people who do them.


Make a list of people that you appreciate. Pick a name off of the list and send that person a “Thank You” card.

Journal prompt:


What are some things that you take for granted? Why do you take them for granted? What is some way that you can show your appreciation for them?

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