10 Books for a Christ-Centered Christmas

If you have been following my blog for any time at all, then you know I love to read. I think that my reading list is actually longer than I will ever complete. Even during the busy Advent season, I usually manage to read several books, and I think reading is one of the best ways to help us keep focused on Christ at Christmas.

Here are a few of the books on my reading list for a Christ-Centered Christmas:


  • The Bible

This one seems rather obvious  I know, but it truly is the most important book to read during the Advent season if you want to have a Christ-centered Christmas so it will make it to the top of my list every single time.


  • The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp

I really wanted to go through this Advent devotional by Ann Voskamp this Christmas, but I haven’t had the money to order it and the library doesn’t have it which kind of surprised me. It is definitely on my must-read list though.


  • The Women of Christmas by Liz Curtis Higgs

Another one that I would just love to read, but I don’t have the money for this year.  (My wish list on Amazon is getting really long because of all the great books out right now.) Liz Curtis Higgs is a wonderful storyteller and has a way of bringing the story to life. She is also a very sweet and funny lady. I got a chance to meet her for about a second a few years ago at a Women of Faith conference.


  • On This Holy Night: The Heart of Christmas

On This Holy Night is an anthology of essays on Christmas by Max Lucado, Jack Hayford, David Jeremiah, John C Maxwell, Bill Hybels, and Richard Warren.


  • The Experience of Christmas: Family Devotions & Activities to Prepare the Heart by Lee Warren

The Experience of Christmas is a book full of activities to help you and your family keep Christ as your focus this Advent season.


  • Let’s Go Straight to Bethlehem by Dr. Ray Pritchard


Let’s Go Straight to Bethlehem is an Advent devotional. Each day’s reading is designed to lead you to Bethlehem and the birth of our Saviour.


  • Celebrating Christmas with Jesus by Max Lucado

I love Max Lucado’s books. I think that I have read most of them including his children’s books. This is one that I haven’t read though, but I look forward to reading it. Celebrating Christmas with Jesus is an Advent devotional.


  • God is in the Manger by Dietrich Bonheoffer

I really don’t know much about this book other than it was written by Dietrich Bonheoffer while he was in prison and are his reflections on Advent and Christmas.


  • The Advent Experience by Marie Velthius

The Advent Experience  is an Advent devotional with over 70 ideas for making your Advent season a Christ-centered one.


  • The Case for Christmas by Lee Strobel

If you haven’t had a chance to read of Lee Strobel’s books, I highly recommend that you take the time to do so even for those of us who believe in Christ. Lee’s books give you an insight into the mind of unbelievers and help to answer many of the tough questions that they ask. If you are wanting to reach out to unbelievers and be a missionary in your hometown, then read these books.

This is my must-read list for Christmas. Will I get all of the books read this Christmas? No, because I don’t have a few of them, but they are on my Christmas wish list for this year. I have already a couple of the books in my preparations for Christmas this year, and I’m in the process of reading another one or two.

What is on your reading list this Christmas?

4 Replies to “10 Books for a Christ-Centered Christmas”

  1. Great list of books to focus on Christ during the Christmas season.

    1. Thank you, Mary!

  2. Wonderful list!

    My hubby bought us tickets to see Ann Voskamp live. It was such a special night.
    I was able to meet her face-face. Thanks to my hubby.

    Merry Christmas!!

    1. I have heard her speak at a Women of Faith conference, but I didn’t get a chance to meet her.

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