Start Living Abundantly

Start living abundantly.

In John 10:10, Jesus says that He came that we may have life and have it abundantly. He wants us to live an abundant life. Living an abundant life is a choice though. It is a choice that we make every single day. It’s a choice to be grateful for what we have and a choice to look for the miracle in the every day. It is learning that my abundant life is going to look different from yours and learning to be generous with other people as well as myself.


How to Live Abundantly

  • Be grateful for what you have

How can you live abundantly if you aren’t grateful for what you have right now? If all you are concerned about is gaining more, then you aren’t going to appreciate it or be grateful for it when you finally have it. What you have today is just as important as what you will have tomorrow. In fact, it is more important because we aren’t promised tomorrow.


  • Learn to recognize the miracle in the everyday

It is easy to get caught up in the busyness of life, the rushing here and there. We take things for granted and seldom look for the miracle, but the miracle is there. There is something miraculous in the everyday. We just have to look for it. It is in the small things and the big things. It is in every breath we take as well as the moments that take our breath away. We just have to learn to recognize it again. Yes, again. Watch a child at play, especially outside in a wooded area. They get lost in the miracle, exploring it, learning about it and from it. As we become adults, life becomes less about the miracle and more about mundane, but we can change that.


  • Define what it means for you to live in abundance

The world’s standards of abundance tells us that we have to do more and have more to be abundant so by the world’s standards my life is not one of abundance. I’m learning though that I have to set my own vision of what abundance looks like in my life. For each of us that vision is going to be unique because we are unique. For some it is living with minimal necessities so that they are free to explore the world. For others, it is living a simple life filled with family and friends. For others, it having enough money to travel, buy whatever they want, and still give lots of money away. Everybody’s definition of an abundant life is going to be different, but they should all be based on God’s design for our life.


  • Be generous.

It sounds almost like a contradiction to say that in order to live abundantly we have to be generous, but the more we give away the more we get in return. Being generous though is not only about sharing material things like money, clothing, or meeting physical needs. Many times being generous is just as much about giving grace and mercy as it is about material things. It is about treating people the way you want to be treated even when they treat you badly because everybody has a bad day every once in a while and some people have a rough life.

Start living abundantly. Wake up every morning and make the choice that today you are going to be grateful  and look for the miracle.

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  1. Great post!!! Thank you so much for sharing!! I just love John 10:10

    1. Thank you, Angie!

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