START Living Missionally

When we become a follower of Christ, we are given a mission. In Matthew 28, Jesus tells the disciples to go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them, and teaching them to observe what Jesus taught them. As followers of Christ, we are included in that mission. We are to go out and make disciples. Make them and teach them Christ’s ways.

But for some of us as time passes we forget our mission. We get so caught up in our everyday lives or in our fears. We make excuses like:

“There are churches everywhere. If they really wanted to know about Jesus, they could go.”

“It isn’t politically correct. Everyone has the right to believe what they want.”

“You can find a Bible at Wal-Mart or any bookstore. Why do I need to be the one to tell them about Christ?”

“I don’t know enough of the Bible to share it with others.

Our excuses and our fears keep us from living out our mission. We tell ourselves that we need to leave it to the pastors, counselors, and missionaries.

We don’t have to live overseas or be a pastor or counselor to share Christ with others. We shouldn’t. In fact, we are living in disobedience if aren’t sharing Christ with others.

But where do we start? How do we get past our fears and our laziness?

First, being missional starts with relationships. Being missional starts having a relationship with Christ, and then starts with having a relationship with others. If you don’t have a relationship with someone, then sharing Christ with them does little good. They might be polite and listen, but since they are not able to see the difference that Christ has made in your life they will not have the same impact as they would if you had a relationship with them.


So how do you build those relationships?

Getting to Know Your Neighbors

  • Spend more time outside
  • Pass out baked goods
  • Invite neighbors over for dinner
  • Attend neighborhood parties
  • Host a neighborhood party
  • Have a game night
  • Grow a garden and share your produce with your neighbors
  • Host a neighborhood Easter party
  • Have a Christmas open house
  • Create a block/street contact list
  • Host a Super Bowl party
  • Have a movie night in your yard.
  • Host a coffee and dessert night.
  • Start a walking/running group.
  • Host a make & take night for the ladies

Getting to Know Your Co-Workers

  • Eat lunch with your co-workers.
  • Pray for them
  • Write a daily note of encouragement for someone in your office.
  • Be a voice of thanksgiving instead of complaining.
  • Car pool with others who live close to you
  • Bring breakfast once a month
  • Be the first person to greet new people
  • Create a regular time to invite people over for a meal or drinks.
  • Make a list of birthdays and find a way to celebrate their special day

Getting Involved in Your Community

  • Participate in local fairs and festivals
  • Get involved in a local sports league or get your kids involved
  • Get involved in PTA or your local homeschool group
  • Volunteer at your children’s school
  • Spend time at your local park
  • Volunteer

As you spend more time building relationships with the people around you, they can start to see that there is something different about you and this opens up opportunities to speak to others about Christ so go out and get involved. Live your mission.

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