What I am Starting This Year

If you have been following my blog, then you know that my one word for 2015 is START. For the last couple of weeks I have been writing about things that we all need to start like living saturated in Christ and living in grace. Today I want to share with you some of the things that I personally plan on starting in 2015.


Health and Wellness Goals

  • Living a healthier lifestyle

I spent a lot of time last year researching and reading about clean eating. This year it is time to put that knowledge to work. Some of my goals for this year include doing more meal planning using the clean eating method of eating more whole foods, cooking more from scratch, using essential oils and moving more.

  • Learning something new

I have already started on this goal. I’m currently taking a class on hand-lettering through SkillShare and I’m looking to expand my design skills in other ways too.

  • Expanding previous knowledge

Last year I started learning about and using essential oils. I want to expand my knowledge of essential oils and how to use them in aromatherapy and in improving health.



  • Reading through the Bible in 90 days

I have already started this. I’m using the reading plan on YouVersion. The number of chapters that you have to read in a day can be daunting, but my goal of reading the Bible in a year last year was not reached. I made it about halfway through. I also found that I like reading it straight through rather than a few chapters in the Old Testament and a few chapters in the New Testament each day.

  • Memorizing 1 or more books of the Bible

Last year I set out to memorize individual verses. I did memorize quite a few although I will admit to not always memorizing the references. This year I am challenging myself to memorize at least 1 full book of the Bible. I’m keeping it simple though by making it a short one like Philemon  or James.

  • Scripture art journaling

I have recently started a board on Pinterest about journaling. Most of what I have pinned has been art journaling. I have decided that I really want to start art journaling. I have bought a journal, pens, and started learning how to do different types of hand lettering.



  • Being a better friend

I’m still working on a plan for this one. Lately I have become very isolated. It is only partly by choice. I’m not a person that easily connects with other people, and it is hard for to reach out to others. I’m learning that a lot of that has to do with my personality type and while I don’t think that I need to change my personality, I do think that I need to find a way to make my personality work for me and help me connect to others.



Last year I filed for bankruptcy. My debts have been discharged, but I’m still waiting for them to be finalized. In the meantime, I’m still taking care of my grandmother and I need to find a way to make some money from home so I’m going to start:

  • Monetizing the blog

If you have noticed, I have a couple of affiliate links at the bottom of the blog, but while they have been there for a time, I have not done what I have needed to do to promote these affiliates. This year though I am going to be looking for more brands to work with and learning how I can better promote and share.

(I’m starting with joining the Ultimate Bundles group. Watch tomorrow for a special post on the Ultimate DIY Bundle.)

  • Selling essential oils and crafts

After using essential oils for the past 6 months and seeing how they have helped me, I want to share what I am learning with others. (Start watching for more information about using oils.)

I’m also a crafter. I love making new things and learning new ways of making things. I have multiple crafting boards on Pinterest ranging from general ideas to specific boards like 3 different boards for crochet patterns. Crocheting is the craft that I do the most so it is the one that I’m best at, and I plan on setting up a booth at a local flea market as well as looking into setting up booths at local craft fairs.

That’s what I plan on starting this year. What are you starting this year?

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  1. I would say good luck but I’d rather declare blessings on the things you’re starting this year. I’m looking into monetizing my blog this year as well, and starting a small business with my knitting. It’s tough though because CA has weird tax laws. Learning about all the permits and forms I need…it’s a process. If you get frustrated with your new ventures, just breathe and remember that’s it’s okay to slow down. It’s a process 🙂

  2. I so enjoyed reading about your focus on “start”. May God bring you success as you remain focus on Him & His directives. Blessings!

    1. Thank you, Joanne!

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