A Love That Transforms

If you had met me 20 years ago, you would have met a very different person than the person you meet here each day. When I graduated from high school, I was angry, scared and very bitter. I didn’t trust myself or others. I was withdrawn from everyone around me. I was seriously depressed and some days I think that the only thing that stopped me from seriously contemplating suicide was that I couldn’t hurt my family that way. I was running scared. I couldn’t make sense of anything. I didn’t believe in myself.

I had accepted Christ as my Savior when I was 7 years old and the only place I found peace and solace was in my relationship with Him.  He was my Rock and my hiding place.

It is through my relationship with Christ that I started changing and growing after high school.

Through my relationship with Christ, I started learning about who I am in Christ. I started learning that I am accepted and I am loved.

That love has transformed me. It is transforming me.

I have gone from a young woman who was angry and bitter to a woman who knows that bitterness hurts me more than it hurts the one I’m bitter against.

I have gone from a young woman who lacked confidence in herself to one that knows that true confidence comes from the Lord. (Oh, I still struggle with confidence and insecurity, but I’ve come a long way since then.)

I have gone from a young woman who didn’t think she was loved by anyone to a woman who knows that she is loved with a crazy love that can’t ever be taken away from her.

I have gone from a young woman who believed that the only thing she was good at was taking care of children to a woman who knows that she is gifted and talented at many things.

I have gone from a young woman who was weak and scared to a woman who is strong, not because I have any strength in myself, but because my strength comes from the Lord.

God’s love for us is powerful, and it is a love that when we come into contact with it will transform us. It is a love that wants the best for us, not just for us to be happy but for us to be holy. It is a love that doesn’t ask us to change who we are, but it is a love that makes us more of who we are.

It is a love that causes us to dream dreams that are bigger than anything we can accomplish on our own, and it is a love that takes us beyond our own capabilities into only what the Lord can do.

It is a love that makes us into something new.


Journal Prompt:

Create a list describing who you were before your relationship with Christ. Then create a list describing the new creation that you are in Christ.



Spend some time praising God for the new Creation that you are becoming.





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  1. Hi Misty,
    Nice post. So glad you came to recognize God provides the greatest love of all.

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