I’ve Messed Up

There will be no The Single Life link party this week because I have royally messed up this week. I have:

1) Failed to plan–This week I missed 2 days of posting because I failed to plan and then failed to implement that plan.

2) Been extremely lazy–This week I have pushed laziness to an extreme for me. I have spent hours and hours on Pinterest, playing video games, and watching shows on Netflix and Hulu which is not normal for me. I do enjoy the occasional video game and I spend time on Pinterest everyday, but this week I think that I set a record for myself.

3) Been easily distracted–Every time I have started to read or write or anything that requires some amount of concentration I have allowed myself to be distracted.

4) Been seriously procrastinating–I have put off writing until the last minute so last minute that on a couple of days it didn’t happen. I also put off contacting a friend who was supposed to guest post today about her post which means that I didn’t prepare a post or the link party.

I have needed to give myself lots of grace this week because I have been seriously frustrated with myself for my attitude and my actions.

8 Replies to “I’ve Messed Up”

  1. Don’t worry about us…or your blog. Just bring it before God, repent if you feel led, accept His grace, offer yourself grace and focus on your relationship with Him… That’s the most important thing: if we don’t make our relationship with Him first, our blogs mean absolutely nothing (I’ve had time to think about this with my own blog).

  2. Everybody deserves a little time off, your blog is awesome & inspiring! I’ve been sick since Tuesday & I’m feeling horrible about not writing or updating. I do hope your having a great day!

    1. Thank you, Leslie! While I agree that everyone deserves a little time off, my priorities have been in the wrong place lately and I need to change that.

  3. grace to you girly…. enjoy the time of rest!! WITHOUT the guilt…hmmm? ok? big HUGS wrapped in prayer!


    1. Thank you, Marie! No guilt…working on it!

  4. Live in the grace of God! I’ve struggled with the same thing this week. You’re not alone. You do a wonderful job with your blog, so breathe through your hurdles. You’re an overcomer!

    1. Thank you, Angela!

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