Loving God by Being Creative

The God that we love and serve is a creative God, and He made us in His image. He created us to be creative, and when we use our creativity, we are showing Him that we love Him.


When we think about creativity, most of us think of artists like painters, sculptors, musicians, but the thing about creativity though is that it is not going to look the same in anyone. For some people, being creative is going to look like being a painter, a sculptor, or a musician. For other people, being creative is going to look like being a mathematician, a writer, or even a researcher. Each of us has been given different talents and abilities.

Think of Albert Einstein, Galileo, Madame Curie, Beethoven, Mozart, and many other people throughout history. Each of them was unique and many of them were geniuses, but all of them were creative. Einstein was creative with mathematics. Galileo studied the stars and invented things. Madame Curie was accomplished in the sciences. Beethoven and Mozart were musical prodigies.

Think about your family, your neighbors, and other people you admire. What talents and abilities do they have that make them stand out? That is where their creativity lies.

Now stop and think about yourself. What abilities and talents do you have? Are you good at math? Or are you a painter or a musician? It doesn’t matter. You are creative.

Using those talents and abilities for God’s glory is our gift to God. It is our “thank you” to Him for all that He has given us.

We are to use the talents and abilities that God has given to us to help others as well as ourselves. We are to use them to spread the Gospel and to teach other people about Christ.

Journal Prompt:

What talents and abilities has the Lord given you? How can you use them to bring glory to Him?


Decide on one thing that you can do tomorrow to help someone else and bring glory to God.



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