TSL: You are Complete

There is a quote by Aristotle: “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” When I first heard the quote, I loved this quote. It encompasses the beautiful picture of having a soul mate. I used to believe in soul mates and finding “The One”, but sometime in the last few years I stopped believing in this quote and in there being “The One.” Oh, I didn’t stop believing in love. I just stop believing that there is one perfect person for each of us.

This quote implies that if we are single we are incomplete, that we need someone else to make us whole, to make us worthwhile, and that is so not true.

It is not in another person that we find completion. No matter how wonderful a person is. They aren’t perfect and they can’t fill the holes inside of us. Only one person can fill that hole. Only one person can make us complete.

In Christ, we are complete.

In Him, we find our purpose and our strength. He gives us hope and joy and peace. (And yes, I’m copying yesterday’s post just a bit.)

In Christ, we are accepted and growing in maturity. We are equipped to do His good works, and He has set out those works for each of us.

For some those works include being a wife and a mother. For others, it means just being a wife, and for yet others, it means living a lifestyle of singleness.

But whatever our lifestyle, mother, wife or single, we are complete. We are whole.

In the love of Christ, we find all that we need and all that we are.

Journal Prompt:

In what ways, does Christ complete you?





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