Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

I used to think that fear and nervousness was a sign that I wasn’t supposed to do something. I thought of them as roadblocks and signs that I needed to go in a different directions. To me, it seemed that they were a brick wall. Always there and trapping me inside them.

But lately I have started to think about fear differently.

Fear is more like a bully.

Fear mistreats you. It yells at you, calls you names, and tells you that you are worthless. It tells you to not even try because you will mess it up.

Fear lies. It takes the truth and twists it until it is no longer recognizable.

Fear beats you. It hits you and kicks you, and when you try to stand up it knocks you down again.

Fear may surround you like the bullies on the playground or the thugs on the street, but they are not immovable.

And like a bully, you need to stand up to fear. You can push back. You can make a path through. You don’t need to be trapped.

But if you have ever been bullied you know that it is hard to stand up to the bully on your own.

You need help to stand up against the bully, and you need help to stand up against fear.

What makes fear powerless?

Fear is powerless when love (real love) is present.

When love reaches out to help you up, fear backs off.

Perfect love casts out fear. (1 John 4:18)

There is a hand reaching out to you today. It is reaching past the fear that is bullying you. It is a hand that says that you are precious, you are special, and you are loved. It is a hand that is rough and scarred. It is a hand that has been pierced. It is a hand that is asking for you to grasp it.

When you finally grasp it, it is a hand that will hold firm. It is a hand that will not let you go. It is a hand that will pull you out of the path of the fear. It is a hand that will give you strength to stand up to the fear.

Will you grasp this hand? Will you reach past your fears? Will you let love strengthen you?


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  1. Totally agree. Fear is not of God’s. God is love. So fear can be removed by Him. 🙂

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