Overcoming Resistance

I remember how everybody told me that I shouldn’t become a preschool teacher even my family doctor weighed in on the subject. Their resistance wasn’t because they thought that I wasn’t good with young children or that they really thought that I wasn’t able to do it. They resisted because of my health. I have asthma, and because of it I get illnesses like upper respiratory infections, bronchitis and pneumonia easily. Being around young children means being around lots of germs and bacteria, and everyone was worried that I would be ill so they resisted and told me that I shouldn’t become a preschool teacher. I became one anyway.

When we start to live our dreams, we can expect resistance to come our way. It can come at us from many directions. It can come from our friends and our families, but if we are honest with ourselves, most of the resistance that we face comes from within.

We procrastinate and spend our time dreaming and doing things that don’t matter. We focus on the things that are fun in the moment, but that don’t bring lasting results, things that in the end have no real value.

We resist doing the things that we want to do. We resist actually pursuing our dreams.

Today I want you to write down all of the reasons that you think you can’t do it. You need to include everything you think of. Money, fears, what you need to learn, anything you can think of. Write it all down in your journal.

Why do I say to write them down?

Because you have to be honest with yourself. You have to admit what is holding you back, what your fears are so that you can face them. If you don’t acknowledge them and are always running from them, you will never succeed.

Your fears are like the current of a river. They ebb and they flow, but they are powerful. When you go white water rafting or canoeing or kayaking, you are told that if you fall out of the boat to just let the current carry you because it is the safest thing to do, but when it comes to your fears, you can’t just let them carry you. It might be the safest thing to do, but it’s not going to take you where you or God wants you to go.

When you commit to making your dreams come true and start to face all that holds you back, you are going to have to swim against the current of your fears, but when you swim against the current, it will be a struggle at first but you will grow stronger.

The first stop in overcoming resistance is acknowledging that resistance. You have to admit that it is there and take responsibility for it. In Jack Canfield’s book The Principles of Success, he states that the first principle that you need to learn to is take responsibility.

Then, and only then, can you start to overcome the resistance that you find.

After you acknowledge it, then you start praying. Ask the Lord for the strength to overcome the fears. Ask Him to show you how to raise the money. Whatever the resistance is ask for His help to overcome it or to show you if it is time to change direction. Prayer can change the situation, but more importantly prayer can change you.

This post has been difficult for me to write. I have experienced a lot of resistance in simply writing this piece and because of that I have taken way longer than I should to write it and post it. It should have been finished and posted yesterday. I would give into the resistance for a while and then I would start writing or editing again.

Overcoming resistance can be like that. It can be one step forward and two steps back. For every 30 minutes you spend writing you spend two hours on Pinterest or Netflix. For every hour you spend painting or on writing that business plan, you spend twice as long playing video games or on Facebook.

Resistance shows itself like that, but God uses even our resistance. He uses it to teach us discipline. He uses it to make us stronger. He uses it to show us the places that we need to be healed.

So when resistance comes our way, we can do two things. We can get caught in its current and let it carry us along, or we can turn and swim. We can let it make us stronger.


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  1. YES! So much wisdom in this post. This is the year I’ve decided to swim against the current of my fears- and God has already shown me so much of His glory!! :0

    1. Thank you, Clarissa!

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