TSL: What You Need to Live Successfully as a Single

Everybody has their own definition of what is means to be successful. Some people define success as having lots of money. Other people define it as having a loving family, and yet others define it as living their dreams. For each and every one of us, success is going to look different because each and every one of us is different.

Even if we dream of marriage and children, we can still live successfully as singles because our success shouldn’t be defined by the world’s standards but by God’s standards.

Here are a few things that I think every single needs to be successful:


  • A Relationship with Christ

To live successfully as a single, the most vital thing that you can have is a relationship with Christ. Even with everything else on this list, you will still not live successfully as a single without a relationship with Christ. A relationship with Christ defines you. It determines who you are and who you are becoming.


  • A Loving & Grateful Heart

The second most important thing that a successful single needs is a loving and grateful heart. With a grateful heart, you can see the good things as they flow from heaven. With a loving heart, you can share those blessings with the world.


  • A Dream to Pursue

Everyone needs a dream. Everyone needs a sense of purpose. It gives your life direction and hope. Without a dream and a sense of purpose, life can seem ugly and dreary even when the sun beats warmly down.


  • A Cause to be Passionate About

Besides a dream, everyone needs to have a cause that they are passionate about. Whether that cause is starving children in Africa or stopping human trafficking or simply helping the homeless in your hometown, finding a way to help others in need is vital to changing our world.


  • A Family to Love

Everyone needs a family. A single woman’s family just looks a little different than a married woman’s family. Besides the family that you are born into, you make your own family whether through marriage or through building close relationships with friends. In the end, we are all family when we have a relationship with Christ.


  • A Church to be Involved In

The local church is vital to a person’s success as a single. I honestly wish that the church would take this more seriously than they seem to now, but today is not the time to talk about it. Getting involved in the church is more than attending Sunday mornings or Saturday evenings and going to the single’s functions. It means volunteering, teaching Sunday school, attending church dinners as well as many other things. It means stepping outside your comfort zone; inviting people for dinner or lunch, introducing yourself to people you have never met or don’t remember seeing before.


  • A Welcoming Home

Creating a welcoming home is also important in my opinion. Married couples aren’t the only ones who can be hospitable. Whether you live at home, with a roommate or on your own, you are a homemaker. You need to create a space that is comfortable for you and one that you feel comfortable inviting others into.


  • A Thirst for Knowledge and Wisdom

A person who has a thirst for knowledge and wisdom is a person who is willing to grow and change. Being willing to grow and change is part of being a successful person. If you are not willing to grow and change, you will never truly live so learn. Grow. Read books. Take classes. Better yourself.


  • A Belief in Yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself, you are not going to go be successful. No matter how you define it. You have to love yourself and believe in yourself simply because Jesus believes in you.


  • A Simple, Intentional Life

Living a simple, intentional life is important. When I talk about living a simple life, I’m not necessarily talking about a back-to-nature lifestyle. I’m talking about paring down your life to what you feel is important and necessary and being intentional about living that way.

What do you consider essential for a successful single life?



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6 Replies to “TSL: What You Need to Live Successfully as a Single”

  1. i love your list, Misty – funny enough – it’s the same list for marrieds – (: thankfully, success is measured by God and not by me nor the world – may you have a full day of Him and others – you are a blessing! xxxx from California

  2. Misty,
    I love this post. Many single Christian would benefit from this post. You have showed how single people live full lives.

  3. Well then I guess I’m on the right track. 🙂
    Thanks for another link up!

  4. This is a great list! Singles also have a purpose and place in this world!

  5. Sometimes people forget the true meaning of living a successful life. Thank you for your encouraging post and reminder for singles.

  6. This is a great list!! Love it!


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