Welcome to Your New Start!

In January, I declared that my word for 2015 is START. I declared it with the idea that this is going to be the year that I was going to stop just sitting around and dreaming. I declared it with the idea that this is going to be the year that I start making some of those dreams come true.

Through the month of January I wrote about all things that we should be starting and doing every day, things like saturating ourselves in Christ and serving others and making our dreams come true.

Through February I wrote about living love, about God’s love for us, showing our love to God, and loving others.

But through January and February I have been struggling with depression. I want so much to start living my dreams, but I have been scared. I feel trapped, overwhelmed and all alone. I feel trapped by my circumstances. I feel overwhelmed by all of my dreams. I feel lost and alone, wanting, no, needing somebody to come alongside me and say, “Let me help you.” I have felt like I have lost all hope.

They say that definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for different results. I feel like I have gone insane, like I’m a hamster on a spinning wheel, going nowhere.

I want to change. I need to change. I need to get off of the spinning wheel and start heading in the direction of my dreams.

This month is going to be Make It Happen March, and I want you to join me.

This month we will choose 1 project or 1 dream to work on. We will make a plan to tackle that project or dream. We will find resources to encourage us and motivate us to work on those dreams, and we will START. We will take it one step at a time, one day at a time.

I will be reading through the book Make It Happen by Lara Casey.  I will also be using 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life by Christine Caine, and some other resources that I will be sharing in the coming days.

Each week we will focus on a different step to making our dreams come true.

This week we will focus on planning.

If you want to make your dreams come true, you have to have a plan.

Is there something that you have been longing to do but have been too afraid to take that step? Do you have a dream that you want to pursue but are not sure where to start? Will you take the first step with me? Will you start the journey? Will you pursue your dreams?

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  1. It sounds like you have a plan and I will be praying for you! I think we sometimes self doubt ourselves because we are not seeing immediate results. We just need to stick to our faith and know the Lord has a plan for us, that is bigger and better than anything we can see right now. Blessings from #bloggercaregroup 🙂

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