My Favorite Korean Dramas

Since I have talked about my new obsession with Korean (and other Asian) dramas in my last couple of posts, I decided that I should share a few of my favorites to get you started if you want to check them out. You can find quite a few on Netflix and Hulu these days, but Viki and DramaFever are the best places to watch because they have a much bigger selection of dramas and films. Besides dramas from Korea and Asia, they have shows from all over the globe.

I’m going to separate this list into 2 separate lists. The first list includes shows that are most appropriate for tweens and teens. If you are a parent who is looking for clean and entertaining shows for your teen, I recommend that you start with these shows. The second list includes shows that are a little more adult oriented as far as story-lines and plots go.

Some terms you might want to know:

“Flower boys” means good-looking guys.

“Chaebol” is a person from a wealthy family, one that usually has a very powerful and well known corporation or conglomerate.

For Tweens and Teens


Boys Over Flowers

In Boys Over Flowers, a teen girl obtains a scholarship to a very exclusive school where all of the other students come from the top 1% of the countries wealthiest. When she stands up to the top guy in the school, she captures his attention and unwittingly begins his fight for her heart. Note: The first two episodes contain some violence due to the issue of bullying in the school.


Panda and Hedgehog:

In Panda and Hedgehog, Pan Da Yang and her sister run a struggling cake shop. Hedgehog is a young patissier whose past keeps him from getting a job no matter how talented he is. When the two become business partners, can they win over the biggest and best cake shop in town? 


You are Beautiful: 

In You are Beautiful, a young woman named Go Mei Nyu pretends to be her twin brother Go Mei Nam after he gets into the K-pop group A.N.Jell. What follows is a hilarious comedy as she tries and fails to keep the other band members from finding out she is a woman. 


To The Beautiful You:

 In To the Beautiful, a young Korean girl leaves her home in America to enter an all boys’ high school when her favorite athlete is injured in a high jumping competition. Can she keep from being found out while she tries to help him recover?


Shut Up! Flower Boy Band: 

In Shut Up! Flower Boy Band, a group of friends and bandmates change high schools when their high school is closed. What happens when this band of Flower Boys from the wrong side of town end up at a school filled with mostly students from wealthy families?


Flower Boys Next Door:

In Flower Boys Next Door, a young woman who is agoraphobic gets caught spying on her neighbor in the building next door. What results is a wonderful romantic comedy as her flower boy neighbors try to pull her back into the world.


Dream Knight:

This show is a cute little short (episodes last about 15 minutes) about a young homeless girl whose dolls come to life in order to protect her after her mother died.



Monstar is about a K-pop star who has developed a bad reputation and gets sent back to high school in order to change his reputation.



This show is a delightful romantic comedy. In Heartstrings, a young female college student who plays traditional Korean music and a popular male college student who is part of a popular rock band at the college go head-to-head over whose music is best.


Playful Kiss:

Playful Kiss is a cute drama about a high school girl who is at the bottom of her class and her attempts to win the heart of her high school crush who is at the top of the class.

For Adults



This is my absolute favorite Korean drama. I thought that it was the perfect blend of action, romance and comedy. In this show a tragedy from 20 years ago bring together three seemingly unconnected people as they try to unravel the secrets of the past.


Kill Me, Heal Me

In Kill Me, Heal Me, Cha Do Hyun is a man who has D.I.D (disassociative identity disorder) commonly known as multiple personality disorder. After spending 11 years in America to keep his illness hidden from his family, he returns to Korea where he has to face his past and the reason that he developed D.I.D in the first place.



Full House

In Full House, Han Ji Eun is tricked by her two best friends when they sell the house her father built and leave her stranded in China. When she finally returns to Korea, she finds her house sold to famous actor Lee Young Jae.



Protect the Boss

I’m currently in the middle of watching this show, but I added it to the list as I’m watching because it is just that good.

In Protect the Boss, No Eun Seol is a strong woman with no special skills or talents and is surprised when she is hired as the secretary for the Head Director of a major corporation. But what happens when her boss falls in love with her?



No, it’s not the fairy tale.

Choi In Ha and Choi Dal Po are rookie reporters. Choi In Ha has a disorder where every time she attempts to lie she gets the hiccups. Choi Dal Po grew up with a fierce hatred of reporters because his family was destroyed by their lies, but when Choi In Ha struggles to reach her dream of becoming a reporter he decides to become one also to support her.


Heart to Heart

In Heart to Heart, Cha Hong Do suffers from anthrophobia (a fear of people). Through an incident she meets psychiatrist Ko Yi Suk and enlists his help in curing her disorder so that she can talk to the man she likes.



My Lovely Sam Soon

In My Lovely Sam Soon (aka My Name is Sam Soon), Kim Sam Soon is a patissier who is looking for a job when she meets Hyun Jin Heon through a couple of embarrassing incidents. Jin Heon hires her as the patissier at his French restaurant and to stop his mother from sending him on blind dates they pretend to date.


Trot Lovers

In Trot Lovers, Jang Joon Hyun is a popular musician who looks down on a form of Korean music called Trot but looses his popularity when he is involved in several scandals. Choi Choon Hee is a newbie in the music world who loves trot music. What happens when Jang Joon Hyun is made Choi Choon Hee’s trainer and manager?


Can You Hear My Heart?

In Can You Hear My Heart?, Cha Dong Joo loses his hearing in an accident as a child. After he loses his hearing, his mother takes him and Bong Ma Roo out of the country. When they return, they try to keep Cha Dong Joo’s disability hidden while trying to get his grandfather’s company back from his stepfather.


Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince is another gender bender. Go Eun Chan is a 24-year-old tomboy who is often mistaken for a boy. Choi Han Kyul is a third generation chaebol who is given an ultimatum by his grandmother. When Choi Han Kyul reopens the coffee house of one of his grandmother’s friends, he decides to hire only men, but accidentally hires Eun Chan when he mistakes her for a young man.

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  1. Cool, clean fun and that high school giddy feeling these series bring.

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