2015 Autumn Reading List

I love autumn!

I love the colors…

The crisp air…


Cozy sweaters…

Hot chocolate or hot tea…

But what I love most about autumn is curling up with a good book and a warm blanket…preferably in front of a roaring fire but that doesn’t ever happen.  At least it hasn’t happened in a couple of years.

This past year I have read less than I usually do, but this autumn I have plans to read more and here is what is on my autumn reading list:



  • Choosing Gratitude (Nancy Leigh DeMoss)
  • If (Amy Carmichael)
  • The Specialty Shop(Dorothy Finell)
  • A Life That Says Welcome (Karen Ehman)
  • The Outward Focused Life (Dave Workman)


  • Tell Your Time (Amy Lynn Andrews)
  • The Friendships of Women (Dee Bristin) (Re-read)
  • The Essential Enneagram (David Daniels & Virginia Price)
  • Own Your Life (Sally Clarkson) (Finishing it)
  • Make It Happen (Lara Casey) (Finishing it… I started reading it at the first of the year, but didn’t finish it.)



  • Little Women (Louisa Mae Alcott) (re-read)
  • Rescuing Mr. Gracey (Eileen K Barnes)
  • The Dance (Dan Walsh & Gary Smalley)
  • From the Start (Melissa Tagg)
  • Beauty and the Beast (Marie Le Prince de Beaumont)


  • Deeply Devoted (Maggie Brendan)
  • Hearthland (Chautona Havig) (Serial novel that I have been reading since the beginning of the year…She uploads new chapters every week or two.)
  • Corner Booth (Chautona Havig)
  • Chasing the Sun (Tracie Peterson)
  • The Baxters Take One (Karen Kingsbury)

I know that it looks a little daunting, and I probably won’t finish every single book especially the non-fiction books. I will at least get them started though. What is on your reading list this autumn?

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