Tools to Help You Thrive

We have now created our plan to help us thrive this year. With it finished, it is time to line up the tools that we will need to create a life that thrives. Here is just a small list of what is out there.

The Bible

This is the most important tool you can have in your arsenal if you want to thrive and live an abundant life. Whether you believe in Christ or not, the Bible is a very useful book for living, but for the Christian the Bible teaches not only how to live but why we are living and who we are living for. It is a mirror that reflects both our worst selves and our best selves and teaches us how to become better people than we are now. As believers, we need to be spending time studying our Bibles and with the Lord if we want to thrive.


Reading is important for thriving. Reading can expand your knowledge, but reading can also take you to new worlds. Reading can inspire. Books can encourage and motivate. Books change you, challenge you and help you grow.

Family & Friends

Family & friends are not really tools, but the relationships that we have in our lives are vital to our growth and our ability to thrive. These are our cheerleaders, our motivators at times, our devil’s advocates at others. They are the ones that make us laugh and sometimes make us cry. They have the power to help us or to hurt us. These relationships challenge us and grow us. Without them, we can’t thrive. We’ll just die.

Some tools to help you thrive in your relationships:

  • Small group Bible studies
  • Book clubs
  • Play dates with your children
  • Family game nights
  • Date night with your spouse

Organizational Tools

Being organized can help you thrive. It is frustrating when you are looking for something and can’t find it or when you know that you are supposed to do something but can’t remember what. The right tools can help you develop better self-discipline which helps you thrive in whatever your endeavor.

Some common tools used:

  • Planner
  • Control Center
  • Commonplace books
  • Binders

Health and Wellness Tools

Are you looking to thrive in the area of health and wellness? Try using some of these tools to help you:

  • Fitbit (I would really like to have one of these. They measure your activity during the day and your sleep at night.)
  • Food journal
  • Fitness Pal
  • Fitness videos (You can find some good ones on YouTube or buy your own DVDs or a subscription to Daily Burn or something similar.)
  • A good pair of walking shoes


Hobbies are important in a life that thrives. They can give you a creative outlet, but hobbies like journaling or painting also give you a healthy way to express your emotions. Here are a few of the hobbies I enjoy:

  • Crochet or knitting
  • Photography
  • Genealogy
  • Journaling

There are many things available that can help you thrive. This list is just a small one compared to all of the things out there and will most likely be added to as I think of other things. What tools do you use that help you thrive?

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