Currently {March 2016}

Oh, February was a hectic month. Both of my grandmothers are now living with here. That makes 5 adults in our household, and while on the surface everyone seems to be adjusting well, I know that we are all feeling the stress. And I’m feeling everyone else’s stress on top of feeling my own (the wonderful world of the INFJ). 🙂

Besides moving my paternal grandmother in with us this month, my sister has also needed me to get my niece and my nephew after school a few days this past month and I’ve not only had to get them, but I’ve had to watch a couple of my niece’s friends also. When I watch more than my niece and my nephew, I have to stay at their house which means making arrangements for someone to come and stay with the grandmas. Basically, I have to find a babysitter so that I can go babysit.

I’m not complaining though. I love the feeling that I am needed and that I am being helpful even if it stresses me out at times.

Reading… The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauk, A Love Worth Giving by Max Lucado (I’ve been reading this one as my morning devotional.), and Thin Within by Judy & Arthur Halliday

Studying… Well, actually I’m not currently doing a Bible Study. I am however in the planning process. I’m going to attempt to get a group together to go through the book Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst and the accompanying study. I have been through the book once, but since I’ve committed to thriving this year and my health is one of the key areas that I’m focusing on I reasoned that it is time to go through it again.

Oh, I’m thinking about doing a Facebook group as well as IRL group for anyone who wants to join me.

Watching… Okay…big surprise…I haven’t been watching anything. No Korean dramas. I have not watched hardly any TV at all for a couple of weeks now. I have just been so focused on making the changes that I need to for my health and while cutting out TV wasn’t part of the plan for February, it ended up getting cut by the end of it.

Learning… I have enrolled in a proofreading and copyediting class, and I’m still working on speaking Korean. It is a fun and beautiful language.

Leading… One of my Facebook groups is starting a group discussion on the book Cupid is a Procrastinator. Any single ladies out there that want to join are welcome. Just send me an email or leave a comment.

StartingI have signed up with Beachbody and will be starting the 21 Day Fix program. I am also starting a coaching business with them so if anyone would like more information and would like to start their own journey toward improving their health I would love to have you join me.

Praying… for patience. For some reason I seem to be in a short supply of patience lately especially with one person in particular. It is amazing to me how some people can push the right buttons without even trying and usually I don’t have a problem with patience.

Listening… to the Meghan Trainor station on Amazon Prime.  Usually I turn it on and start dancing. Occasionally I do switch to other stations.

Weighing… 216 lbs. I know that I have only lost 1 pound in February, but I made so many changes that my body needs time to adjust. I went from drinking 40+ ounces of soda every day to over 90 ounces of water. I have also increased my daily intake of fruits and veggies and my daily activity level has increased. I might not be seeing the changes on the scale, but I’m feeling them on body.

Well, that is what happened in my life in the month of February and what is currently happening. Please keep me in your prayers and I will pray for you too.

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