Currently {April 2016}

March was such a crazy month. We are still going through an adjustment period with both of my grandmothers now living here plus I have added more to my plate with the 21-Day Fix and starting a coaching business. I really need to work on my time management skills. I used to be so organized and managed to get a lot done, but lately I’m interrupted so frequently that I just seem to give up trying to get anything done. Since the blog has been more of a hobby than anything it is usually the first thing that gets cuts from my schedule.

Reading… Cupid is a Procrastinator by Kate Hurley (I am currently leading a group of single women through this book on one of my Facebook groups.)

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

Core Calling by Shanda Sumpter

 Listening to…anything that I can dance to. Since I’ve started increasing my activity and exercising regularly I found myself dancing a lot more.

Bible study… I am currently going through the book of Ephesians. I’m reading through a chapter per week.

Planning… a way to better manage my time and get more organized. My time management skills are terrible. I’m a visual person and if I don’t have it right in front of me then I don’t get it done so planners don’t usually work for me. I write stuff down it and close it. Then walk away and forget about it.

Learning…about clean eating and creating my own recipes for family favorites that are healthy.

Watching…Korean dramas again. They have a lot of new ones out lately that are excellent, but I am trying to keep better control of how much time I spend watching them.

Starting…a coaching business. I recently decided to try the 21-Day Fix and when I signed up for my challenge pack, I also signed up to be a coach. It is nice simply for the discount, but I’m also hoping that I can eventually start helping others to live their best lives.

Improving…my health and fitness levels. I have been mostly clean eating for about 3 months now, and in the past month I have started doing the 21-Day Fix. It is a tough program, but I love the results that I am seeing.

Giving up…complaining. For April I’m going to give up on complaining. I want to be a more positive and loving person and I can’t do that if I’m complaining.

Praying… for patience. If I’m going to stop complaining, I need to have more patience with others. While I usually have lots of patience with children, I have a lot less patience with adults (even my grandmothers at times).

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