Spiritual Directory Assistance

There is a pin that I have seen floating around Pinterest for a while now called “Spiritual Directory Assistance.” The first time that I saw it I really liked it. I thought that it would be great to print out and keep in my Bible or my Bible study notebook so when I hit a rough path (and you know we all do) I could just look up a chapter or verse and read through them so I pinned it. Then one day as I was going through my Walking by Faith Pinterest board I took a moment to really read through the list of verses that they gave and that’s when I realized that over half of them came from the Book of Mormon. Since I am not a Mormon I decided to delete the pin, but I still liked the idea of the pin so I have finally sat down and wrote a “Spiritual Directory Assistance” for myself using only verses from the Bible.

Spiritual Directory Assistance

For when you are angry…Ephesians 4:26

When you are grieving…Luke 15

When you are depressed…Psalm 27

When you have sinned…1 John 1:8-10

When you worry…Matthew 8:19-31

When you are in danger…Psalm 91

When God seems far away…Psalm 10

When your faith is weak…Psalm 18:1-29 or Hebrews 11

When you are lonely…Psalm 23; Psalm 25

When you are afraid…Psalm 56:11

When you need rest…Psalm 119:114

When you want assurance…Romans 8:28

When you want courage…Joshua 1

When you want to be fruitful…John 15

When you want to feel secure…Isaiah 43:2

When you need hope…Psalm 71:14; Psalm 39:7; Romans 8

When you feel overwhelmed…Psalm 46

When you feel disappointed…Jeremiah 29:11

When someone has wronged you…Colossians 3:13; 1 Peter 2:21-25

When you have wronged someone…Matthew 5: 23-26

When you want to be blessed…Psalm 128

When you want to please God… Psalm 119

When you need comfort…Matthew 5: 1-12

When you need confidence…Hebrews 10:19-25

When you feel the sting of sin…Psalm 51

When you need strength…Philippians 4:13

When you need to feel loved…John 3:16

When you need direction…Psalm 143:8

When you feel unseen…Psalm 142:4-5; Psalm 139:1-4

When you need light…Psalm 18:28

When you are tired of waiting…Romans 4

When you feel bitter…Hebrews 11

When you feel overcome by temptation…Ephesians 6

When you feel stuck…Isaiah 42

When your heart is broken…Psalm 34

Want a printable version? Click below.


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