Welcome to my “virtual” front porch! My name is Misty (aka The BarnPrincess), and I invite you to pour yourself a glass of sweet tea and pull up a chair. Relax as we get to know one another better and grow closer to the Lord. Maybe share a few recipes, crafts, books, and what the Lord is doing in our lives.


The BarnPrincess is about loving the Lord and loving each other. It is about encouraging women in all walks of life (but especially single women) in their walk of faith with Lord.

Why the name the BarnPrincess? The simple answer is that I love barns and I believe that all women who love Christ are princesses. As I write this though, barns remind me of my life…On the outside, they can look so nice, clean, and in good condition, but on the inside they can be filthy and nasty, and the smell can be awful. They need to be cleaned and renewed. And that is what Christ does for our hearts and our lives…

Being a so-called “good” girl, to others, my life looks clean and put together, but my heart…That is in Jesus’ hands and He is cleaning and renewing it.




As I said, my name is Misty. I am a 30-something single women who loves Jesus with all her heart. My greatest desire is to live a life that reflects Christ so that I might hear, “Well done, good and faithful one!” I love reading, crafting, cooking, horses, and the country life. My greatest dream has always been to be a wife and a mother, but the Lord has not seen fit to bless me with that life. After 30-some years of being single though, I am finally learning to enjoy it and be content in all things.

My prayer for this blog is that my life is an encouragement to other single women. I pray that they learn to find contentment in their relationship with Christ, and that they learn (sooner than I did hopefully) that while dating or being married is great true contentment is only found in Christ.


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