It’s been a while since I have linked up at Five Minute Friday. I have had other things on my heart and my mind. Other things that I have wanted to share, but today I thought that it would be a nice change to join in with this community of writers. Today’s prompt: Lost. GO […]

I Wanna Fly!

I was standing on the edge of a cliff. I was watching a group of eagles flying around. They were swooping and soaring. They came so close that I could almost touch them. It was as if they were inviting me to join them. Floating. Flying. Swooping. Soaring. Each one coming in close before darting […]

Grateful for Laundry?

In the 38 years that I have been on this earth, I have done a lot of laundry. When I was a teen, it was my job to do the laundry for everybody. From my dad’s tighty whities to my mom’s lingerie to my sister’s school clothes, it was my job to make sure that […]