Living Love During Advent

I have a board on Pinterest titled “Living Love” and when you first see the title you might think that this board is all about love…well, romantic love, anyway. But you would be wrong. This board isn’t about romance or dating or marriage. I have another board for that titled “Romantic at Heart.” “Living Love” […]

Your Promised Freebies!

Oh, how I missed being on here! I wasn’t sure if I would to be honest. I was starting to suffer from a little bit of burn out, but the forced break was good for me and I really did miss posting and being on here. I was also able to get slightly ahead in […]

Left Wanting More

It is the day after Christmas. The presents have been opened. The kids are content for a little while. But it doesn’t last long. A commercial comes on TV, and they see a wonderful new toy in all its glory. They turn to look at you, and they say, “I wanted that for Christmas! Why […]