Who is the Greatest?

READ: Luke 22:14-30 Key Verses: Luke 22:25-27   How do I measure greatness? Do I measure greatness by the dollar amount that a person has? Do I measure greatness by how intelligent a person is? Do I measure greatness by a person’s singing ability? Their acting ability? Their ability to throw a ball? How do I measure […]


READ: Luke 20:9-18 Key Verse: Luke 20:17-18 Last week In the Good Morning Girls Bible Study that I am participating in, we read Luke 20:9-18 and in these verses Jesus shares a parable relating to His death. He is also telling people that He is the Stone which the builders rejected. He is the Stone that became […]

Her Last Two Cents

READ: Luke 21:1-4 Key Verses: Luke 21:3-4 She walks into church. She is dressed in rags while everyone around her is dressed in their best. She sits and listens as the people sing praises to the Lord. Then a young woman moves to the front and begins singing. As the young woman sings, the ushers start […]

By Whose Authority?

READ: Luke 20:1-8 Key Verses: Luke 20:7-8 I can just imagine the scene. The chief priests and scribes have been watching Jesus teach in the temple for days. They see the number of people who follow Him and gather to hear His teachings. They become jealous and angry, and they make a plot to trap Him. […]