Whatever You Do…Be Grateful

Read: Colossians 3:12-17 As I was reading today’s passage of Scripture, this quote came to my mind: And I wonder: How often am I really truly grateful for what I have? How often am I grateful for more than what the material things that I have received? Am I grateful for the things that I […]

Your Promised Freebies!

Oh, how I missed being on here! I wasn’t sure if I would to be honest. I was starting to suffer from a little bit of burn out, but the forced break was good for me and I really did miss posting and being on here. I was also able to get slightly ahead in […]

The Gratitude Challenge–Day 20

Well, on Monday, I promised you a free printable on Friday to help you continue with the Gratitude challenge. Today is Sunday and I’m just now sharing it because while I had it completed on Friday I had decided to share some other printables that I was creating for Advent and Christmas which weren’t finished. […]