Living Love During Advent

I have a board on Pinterest titled “Living Love” and when you first see the title you might think that this board is all about love…well, romantic love, anyway. But you would be wrong. This board isn’t about romance or dating or marriage. I have another board for that titled “Romantic at Heart.” “Living Love” […]

A Bookish Event

This year’s theme for the (in)RL conference is “We need Your Story.” Since this year is about building community and making connections by sharing your story, I decided that the meet-up that I am hosting will have a bookish theme when it comes to the decor. So I have searching Pinterest for bookish crafts and […]

5 Tips for Great Hospitality

1)   Make sure your heart is prepared. ·         Spend time praying for your guests. ·         Remember: Hospitality is about meeting the needs of your guests, not your own. ·         Don’t make hospitality a duty. Remember: It is about opening your heart. Do it out of love. ·         Schedule in some time before your guests arrive […]