A New Challenge

Yesterday I mentioned that I have been making some changes to my life in the recent weeks especially when it comes to my physical health & well being. I have started eating clean and started a new fitness routine with the 21-Day Fix by Beachbody. And can I tell you something? While the physical changes […]

Staging a Comeback

In the past few weeks there are have been a lot of changes in my life. I don’t know why but it seems that changes always hit at the same time although many of these changes are changes I have instigated myself. I think you could say that I’ve had a change of heart about […]

2016: A Year to Thrive

I had a difficult time deciding on one word for 2016. Words kept coming to mind. I thought about choosing “happy” or “joy” since I spent most of the past year depressed. Then I thought about the word “Fly”, and I was really stuck on it for a while. But as much as I want […]