Top 40 After 40

I admit it. I have made many, many bucket lists in the last few years including a 40 before 40 list when I turned 38.  I have made seasonal lists and a master list, and in the end I have completed very few things on those lists. Time and money constraints have had a lot […]

Top 40 Bible Verses

This week has been so messed up. I have been having difficulty getting back into a routine for writing. Every time that I would sit down to write something would interrupt me, or I would have trouble concentrating due to a sinus infection. I really need to work on my time management skills again. Today’s […]

40 Years: 40 Lessons

This post was originally scheduled for last Friday, but I got a little distracted and I didn’t get it typed. It was written in one of my many notebooks, but I didn’t take the time to type it and edit it. We are taking the time this week to celebrate my 40th birthday which was […]