You’re Invited!!!

I can’t wait! The excitement is building! We have been talking and sharing about community and sharing your stories and shining our lights. We have been talking about being a blessing and loving others. We have been talking about opening our hearts and building friendships and community. Now it’s time. It’s time to come together […]

Be a Blessing

As much as I have been writing about community and giving and blessing others, you all are probably going to start thinking that I am going to hit you up for money or something else. But I’m not. You see, while I am glad you all come over to visit and read my posts. When […]

I Refuse

Lately I keep coming back to the same message. It is a message that I have been writing about, a message that I have been reading about, and a message that I have been hearing. It is a message about tearing down walls. It is message about putting down smartphones and iPads. It is a […]