READ: Luke 20:9-18 Key Verse: Luke 20:17-18 Last week In the Good Morning Girls Bible Study that I am participating in, we read Luke 20:9-18 and in these verses Jesus shares a parable relating to His death. He is also telling people that He is the Stone which the builders rejected. He is the Stone that became […]

Fear vs. Faith

Read: Luke 19:20-27 Key Verse: Luke 19:21 As I was reading the passage this morning, the song “This Little Light of Mine” popped into my head, and I kept thinking of the difference between fear and faith. On the one hand you had the servants who were full of faith. They stepped out and took a […]

A Faithful Servant

Read:  Luke 19: 11-27 Key Verse: Luke 19:19 In these verses, Jesus is speaking to His disciples about His kingdom. The disciples believed that Jesus would set up His kingdom when they reached Jerusalem, but Jesus was telling them that He would have to leave before His kingdom could be established. Jesus was also saying to […]

A Healing Faith

Read: Luke 18:31-43 Key Verses: Luke 18:40-42 I have this picture (or maybe a short video?) in my head. I see a blind man sitting on the side of the road. He sits there day after day, begging for food, money, anything that people are willing to share. One day, he hears a crowd approaching. […]